Witness Records LAPD Handcuffing Man After Shooting Him in Head


Update II: Does anybody know the #MysteryMan who was shot by LAPD?

A yet to be identified man was shot by two Los Angeles police officers Friday evening with the gruesome aftermath captured on video and posted to Twitter by a witness.

The incident took place around 6:45 p.m. on Los Feliz Boulevard and Tica Drive during rush hour traffic.


The horrifying and disturbing video was captured by a twitter user named Manny, who said he saw the officers fire three shots, which he initially believed to be fireworks.

The officers are seen turning over his body, revealing a massive amount of blood on the back of his head and clothing. Instead of providing medical assistance, they are seen handcuffing him. He was still alive at this point in time.


“I didn’t see a weapon, he didn’t seem to hurting anyone, but I don’t know, I only heard the shots and saw he was shot in the head.” Manny told PINAC.

We asked the witness if the police or investigators have spoken to him about what he saw, and he confirmed that they have not.

According to CBS Local:

Authorities told her the suspect was taken to a hospital and is in critical condition.
According to a LAPD spokesperson, the officer stopped a man in his early 30s just before the shooting occurred.
The man, his harm allegedly wrapped up in a towel, said he needed help. As he got closer, the officer said the man was holding a gun.
“The officer got out of his vehicle and said ‘Drop the gun, drop the gun,” said a police department spokesperson.
Neighbors told Hopper they then heard three shots and lots of screaming from witnesses.
No officers were injured.
Police did not say if a weapon was recovered.

UPDATE: The Los Angeles Times reports the man shot did not have a gun, even though they shot him because he would not “drop the gun.”

The man apparently approached the officers for help, possibly because he had injured his arm or hand, which is why he had it wrapped in a towel.

He made the mistake of raising his arm to show the officers his injury, but that made them fear for their lives, which is why they opened fire.

He is still listed in critical condition and has not yet been identified.

Update II: Does anybody know the #MysteryMan who was shot?



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