Woman Calls Cops on Man Who Assaulted Her Discovering He is a Cop

Carlos Miller

Portland Woman Calls Cops on Man Who Assaulted Her Discovering He is a Cop.

An Oregon pet sitter was walking two dogs when one of them decided to defecate on the grassy berm in front of a house, the strip of grass between the sidewalk and the street.

Juli Norman, 59, said she had already picked up the dog’s feces and placed them in a bag when a man came bursting out the door, yelling at her for allowing the dog to do its business in front of his house.

He even pointed to a sign he had planted in the grass asking to “please be respectful,” showing images of dogs peeing and defecating with a red slash through it.

Having already picked up the feces, Norman told the man that the area was not even his property considering it was outside the sidewalk.

She said the man then flew into a rage and walked back to pick up his garden hose, then walked back up to her and sprayed her face with water from about five feet away.

She ended up calling police, only to learn the man who had drenched her was also a cop. A cop with a history of road rage and sexual harassment complaints against him.

A cop that should have been fired had his police chief followed the advice of the Portland police review board in 2012.

According to Oregon Live:

“He sprayed me directly in my face. I am dripping,” Norman said. “I was stunned. When I turned my back, he continued and drenched my back.”
“Call the police!” Norman screamed loudly, and through her headset to her friend. “Sheri, call 911!”
A short time later, she found out that police already had someone at the scene: the homeowner himself. Off-duty Portland police Capt. Todd Wyatt was the one who had just doused her with his garden hose.
Wyatt, 48, has been in hot water before, demoted in December 2012 after a Portland police review board found he inappropriately touched several female employees and escalated an off-duty road rage confrontation by flashing his gun and badge at another motorist.
Then-Chief Mike Reese didn’t follow the nearly unanimous recommendation of the review board to fire Wyatt, but demoted him instead. The board had questioned his ability to perform with integrity, “considering the gravity of his untruthfulness/untrustworthiness.” Two years later, an arbitrator ordered Wyatt be reinstated to the captain’s rank with a 60-day suspension without pay instead. Wyatt will mark his 25th year with the bureau in July.

Wyatt, for his part, blamed Norman for the altercation, telling the media that the professional dog walker suffers from mental illness.

“I feel sorry for her mental health,” he said, claiming that he has witnesses that would confirm she has issues.

Wyatt did not elaborate as to why he had diagnosed her with mental illness but if you Google the words “Juli Norman Portland,” you will see that she runs a business called K-9 to 5 Pet Sitting based in Portland.

Other than the story on her interaction with Wyatt, you won’t find anything else on her.

But if you Google “Todd Wyatt Portland,” you will find pages of questionable behavior revealing a man who appears to mentally unstable to be a cop.

He was charged with pulling a gun out during a road rage incident where responding cops described him as “arrogant and cocky” while displaying a “lack of common sense and good judgment.”

A jury acquitted him of that charge.

He was also accused of inappropriately touching female co-workers, which led to him being reassigned to the sex crimes unit where he had direct contact with one of his accusers.

And years before those allegations surfaced, Wyatt was described in a 2005 article on a local news site as having the most lawsuits against him than any other officer in the department.

According to 14-year Multnomah County judge Janice Wilson, Wyatt is the only cop she’s ever filed an official complaint against—accusing him of rudeness as well as excessive force.
Wyatt committed “misconduct both inside the courtroom and outside the courtroom,” says Judge Wilson. “I have never seen a police officer behave with such arrogance and disrespect.”
Wyatt himself is quick to volunteer that he has been called a liar, a brute and a racist. And according to city records obtained under Oregon Public Records Law, Wyatt has generated more threats of lawsuits against the Portland Police Bureau than any other cop.

Wyatt, who has been a cop since 1991, has obviously learned that he is above the law, able to do as he pleases, when he pleases without fear of having to pay a hefty price.


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