Yes, every Cop is Derek Chauvin; Let me Explain why - OPINION

Shawn Randall Thomas

Shawn Randall Thomas is a PINAC correspondent in New York City. His views do not necessarily reflect the views of PINAC.

As the republic explodes in this recent uprising over police abuse, we are seeing something unprecedented; that is, police nationwide acknowledging that the murder of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police was wrong.

Generally speaking, police either seek to justify the killings they commit or remain publicly silent.

But the overwhelming response to the killing of Floyd last month from the general public has also overwhelmed police nationwide as cities across the country erupt in protests and riots.

This time, police were unable to remain silent or attempt to justify the murder, so for the first time in recent history, we are seeing police, not just nationwide but across the globe, condemning Derek Chauvin for his actions. Essentially throwing a cop under the bus for doing what cops do on a daily basis, dubiously proclaiming to the world that they are not Derek Chauvin.

If it isn’t already clear, let me be clear: I’m calling horse shit! The depraved murder of George Floyd, the snuff flick watched around the world was uniquely typical to American police. It happens daily. It just doesn't always get caught on video.

Derek Chauvin is not an abomination in the world of police; he’s not an obscurity. He’s actually the type and kind that gives the police the “no nonsense” reputation they are so proud of.

In fact, Derek Chauvin is such a typical American cop that I can easily see all cops saying that they are Derek Chauvin during their usual aggressions: “Shut the fuck up! I’m Derek Chauvin!” “Back the fuck up! I’m Derek Chauvin!” “Fuck your breath! I’m Derek Chauvin!” As opposed to “Freeze in the name of the law!”

Identifying as Derek Chauvin would be most appropriate as most cops are not operating from a place of “law”, they are operating from that demonic place that can now be cited as “Derek Chauvin.” I guess that it could be cited as the new “Chauvinism.”`

It is wholly disingenuous for the police to now distant themselves from Derek Chauvin...but are they really? What is it about Chauvin they are claiming they are not?

Is it the racism he is accused of displaying? The callous indifference? The results of his actions? Or the fact he was caught?

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The real problem in MPD isn't just that 96% of them don't live here, it is their brutal racist police federation president Bob Kroll. He, his cronies, and the culture they inforce on the MPD are an anathema to the residents here. The MPD does NOT reflect the community values of Minneapolis. They are an embarrassment and pernicious cancer on the soul of this great city.

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perhaps you can explain why in all the BLM and ANTIFA protests qualified immunity is NOT front and center?? your BS about racism is nothing but a money making scheme and people like you disgust me. Your here just for the event. You introduce no need to return to the Bill of Rights just statements about what you want. You ignore equal justice and mouth platitudes about more desires. You hate..its that simple and dont tell me about your ideals I was there in berkely in 69 when freedom of speech was a goal denied us by the very same power that you employ.

Michael Anhar
Michael Anhar

Your view is strangely idiosyncratic, if not myopic, to the point of irrelevancy. Without specific, substantive, sweeping, and enduring FEDERAL legislation, your proposition is a drop in the ocean.

What's needed across the country is unified legislation eliminating the qualified-immunity doctrine; demilitarizing police forces; mandating police malpractice insurance; mandating body cameras; mandating new police have at least a bachelor's degree; legalizing (finally) cannabis; eliminating corporate prisons and for-profit in-prison programs; reforming the bail system; professionalizing (vs. politicizing, as they do now) judgeships; shifting funds to public defenders; shifting funds to public health programs including mental, substance-abuse, social, and day-care services; shifting funds to existing (and creating new) innocence legal projects; and on, and on, and on.


the only reason they allow one of there own to be thrown under the bus is to protect the rest of the blue lies mafia! normally when one of the blue lies mafia gets caught doing something wrong, they will try to quietly cover it up or put pressure on the DA to drop charges or ask for a light sentence!
when a video of one or more of them gets released into the wild, we get nothing but cop-splan'n and victim blaming to redirect the facts that they are the real criminals!

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