Houston Cop Arrested Twice in 3 Weeks and Gets Fired

Joshua Brown

Two arrest led to this officer's firing.

A Houston police officer who was arrested twice over a three-week period has been relieved of duty from her department.

Officer Gena Loren Rodriguez, 33, of the Houston Police Department was arrested by the Pasadena Police Department on both occasions.

Rodriguez was first arrested on July 29 on a charge of interference with public duties, KHOU 11News reports. Rodriguez is accused of refusing to exit a vehicle before kicking an officer during a traffic stop in Pasadena, Texas. The arrest was around 2 a.m., Rodriquez was in the driver's seat of a car that parked in a handicapped parking space outside a Pasadena sports bar named Broadway Buffalo Wings.

Rodriguez was instructed to exit the vehicle, but she refused grabbing on to the steering wheel and kicking the officers. Officers then had to pull her out of the vehicle to make the arrest.

Rodriguez was arrested a second time by the Pasadena Police Department on Aug. 16 for driving while intoxicated.

Houston police fired Rodriguez this week for her arrests.

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Police departments are finally wising up to the idiocy of keeping derelict officers employed. Unfortunately, she, like many before her, will turn up employed at some other PD, because there is no system for preventing such hiring abuse. Its up to citizens to research her possible employment elsewhere and object to it. A person with this serious of a substance abuse problem can NEVER be in law enforcement.


Maybe the Blue Isis Bimbo will get some help for being an Alcoholic!

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