AL Cop Forced Man to Perform Oral Sex While Holding Gun to his Head

Ben Keller

Alabama Cop Forced Man to Perform Oral Sex While Holding Gun to his Head

An Alabama cop was indicted on first degree sodomy charges after he detained a man in the back of his patrol car for an hour before letting him go – only to later show up at the man’s house where he held a gun to his head and forced him to perform oral sex.

Montgomery police officer Deonte Lawrence Hamner was arrested back in June, but he did not get indicted until recently, according to WSFA, which reported the news last week, but did not specify when he was indicted.

On June 9, 2015 between 8:00 p.m. and 10 p.m. officer Hamner stopped and detained the victim in the parking lot of his apartment complex, the Meadows in Montgomery . The victim went home when Hamner told him to go home after he’d been detained.

A couple minutes after the victim returned to his apartment, Hamner entered without a warrant or probable cause for arrest and began threatening the man, pulled his gun on him, intimidated him and held the man at gun point while he sexually assaulted him.

Investigators said Hamner was on-duty when he pulled over the victim and made a deal he wouldn’t shoot the man in the head if he agreed to perform oral sex on the demented cop.

Hamner had been with the department for two years before became the target of a sexual assault investigation after the victim made allegations against him in mid-June.

Initial reports stated Hamner pulled the victim over as part of a sound ordinance investigation, but the Montgomery Police Department refused to verify if there was even a noise complaint called in.

The unnamed victim filed a civil rights lawsuit on October 6, 2016 under the name John Doe for anonymity purposes, claiming Hamner’s actions against the victim “shocks the conscience, and it offense the community’s sense of fair play and decency.”

Hamner responded with a hand-written denial, which can be read below.

The 27-year-old cop, who remains on paid administrative leave, faces up to ten years in prison.

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