Amber Guyger Sentenced to Ten Years in Prison; Activists say Sentence too Light

Carlos Miller

She could have received life. She will be eligible for parole in five years.

Former Dallas police officer Amber Guyger could have received life in prison without parole for murdering Botham Jean in his own apartment but ended up with a 10-year prison sentence Wednesday afternoon.

She will be eligible for parole in five years.

The 31-year-old woman could also have received as little as two years in prison after the judge told the jury they were allowed to consider that Guyger acted out of "sudden passion" when she killed Botham.

"Is ten years enough for a life being taken?" Dallas activist Dominique Alexander asked rhetorically in a television news interview.

According to the Dallas Morning News:

After the sentence was read out, chants of, "No justice, no peace," broke out in the hallway.

Dee Crane, the mother of Tavis Crane, a young black man shot by an Arlington police officer in 2017, cried as she asked: “How many of us does it take to get justice?”

“What about my son? What about Botham Jean?” Crane said through tears. “How many of us is it going to take before you understand that our lives matter?”

Activist Dominique Alexander said the 10-year sentence was insufficient. He called on the community to attend a protest outside the courthouse at 6:30 p.m.

Botham Jean's brother, Brandt Jean, then took the witness stand and said he forgave Amber Guyger. He then asked to give her a hug which he was allowed to do.

The two hugged for several long seconds as Guyger cried.

Watch the video below.

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Ten years isn't enough punishment, but we can at least be certain she will never be a cop again -- convicted felons aren't eligible.


The one thing I found odd about the entire trial was the family being basically showing no emotion while talking about their dead brother/son. None of them shed a tear. Even Amber didnt appear to shed a tear while she was acting distraught. Was all very odd to me. Then again Im use to seeing the system and its actors being sleazy liars mind fucking the people into a stupor.


Reported: “The victim's mother, Allison Jean, said Guyger's sentence would give the fired officer 10 years to reflect and "change her life." The native St. Lucian also called for change and a renewed focus on police training in the city where her son died.” I think Mrs. Jean understands that the tragic decision Guyger made to kill her son was influenced by the standard police training and grooming of officers. She is a product of the system, conditioned to go along to get along. And because police unions have been so successful at getting lawmakers to protect police through immunity when they follow training and procedures, that agency lawyers give rubber stamp approval. And when there is some doubt, prosecutors call in their selected grand jury... who hears the prosecutor’s (friend of police) version of the story... and right on cue, the grand jury doesn’t indict. That situation stinks of conflict of interest, and should really be prosecuted by the FBI... since it’s essentially the victim against the state in these cop killings of unarmed people and kids with toy guns. The state prosecuting an officer who murdered someone in the line of duty, is like the police investigating themselves. Tax payers footing the bill for wrongful deaths and wrongful convictions lawsuits. But if you hear them tell it, they pay taxes too and generate revenue through fines, and depriving people of cash and property, which goes directly into their budget. We’ve been watching these senseless murders play out over and over, while departments fail to reform and adopt meaningful change. We need to elect people who are looking out for the public’s interest and hold LEOs and their departments accountable.


fucking blue privilege! at least the dumb cunt won't be a cop anymore!


Oct 2, 2019 'I forgive you': Botham Jean's brother hugs Amber Guyger after she gets 10 years in prison

"Forgive yourself." Kemp told Guyger to start reading the Bible, telling her to take the one she was reading from. She turned to defense attorney Robert Rogers and told him she was bringing Guyger a study Bible on Thursday.

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