Arizona Cop Charged with Raping, Kidnapping Multiple Women during Traffic Stops

Carlos Miller

Tremaine Jackson, a 13-year police veteran, is accused of victimizing eight women in a span of eight months.

An Arizona state trooper was arrested on 61 counts of criminal charges for allegedly pulling women over and offering them leniency in exchange for sexual favors.

And there's likely many more victims that have yet to come forward, a spokesman for the Arizona Department of Public Safety said during a press conference Tuesday.

So far, eight women have come forward, the earliest dating to October 2018. But Tremaine Jackson has been with the department for 13 years, meaning there could be a more than a decade's worth of victims.

Jackson was placed on administrative leave in June after a woman accused him of sexual assault during a traffic stop a month earlier. An investigation found an additional seven women.

Charges against Jackson include two counts of sexual abuse, two counts of attempted sexual abuse, four counts of sexual extortion, eight counts of kidnapping for holding the women against their will with no official grounds to do so and forgery for falsifying departmental documents, according to the press release.

Police did not release much information but did ask additional victims to contact police 602-223-2389 or they can submit information online at:


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