Award-Winning Cleveland Cop Arrested for Pistol-Whipping, Raping Girlf

Carlos Miller

Award-Winning Cleveland Cop Arrested for Pistol-Whipping, Raping Girlfriend at Gunpoint.

Angered at finding his girlfriend with another man, an award-winning Cleveland cop attacked her as she slept, pistol-whipping and punching her several times in the face, pointing a gun at her and firing two rounds.

The bullets tore into a mattress inches from her head.

Patrolman Tommie Griffin III then forced her into the basement where he raped her at gunpoint Friday evening.

He then drove off but was arrested at gunpoint the following afternoon after Parma police tracked his phone, finding him at a bar at 1:30 p.m.

Now the 2009 winner of the department’s distinguished service medal is behind bars for rape, felonious assault and kidnapping, according to

The police report states that Griffin went though a “rough divorce a while back” and as a result, had taken an extended sick leave, which translates to getting paid for doing nothing.

But now he will be placed on unpaid suspension because he was arrested for a felony.

Griffin, 51, who has been a cop since 1994, found his 42-year-old girlfriend with another man on Friday, who informed the cop that woman had invited him over for the weekend.

Griffin allowed the man to leave, then waited for his girlfriend to fall asleep before attacking and raping her.

A relative of the woman became concerned when she would not answer the phone, calling Parma police to conduct a welfare check on her.

When they did, they found the home “in disarray” and noted the woman had suffered “severe” facial injuries.

The woman’s relative told police they had a “volatile relationship.”

The girlfriend reported him missing on December 6 after last seeing him at an Irish pub three days earlier. On December 9, he was hospitalized for unspecified reasons.


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