Award-Winning Connecticut Cop Arrested for Domestic Violence

Carlos Miller

Award-Winning CT Cop Arrested for Domestic Violence Hours After Arresting Man for Domestic Violence for Reality cop show

An award-winning Connecticut cop who had just arrested a man for domestic violence for an A & E reality television show called Live PD was arrested herself for domestic violence hours later.

As the Connecticut Post phrased it: “Perhaps A&E should have kept the cameras rolling.”

Had they kept the cameras rolling, they would have seen Bridgeport police Sergeant Stacey Lyons breaking into her ex-boyfriends home and assaulting him after finding him with another woman in an incident that took place in October.

The 33-year-old police officer soon found herself in the back of a Trumbull police car charged with disorderly conduct. She was also ordered to turn in her three guns, including her department-issued gun.

It was only hours earlier that Lyons was recorded on camera telling the mann she arrested on accusations that he choked his girlfriend that he must turn in his weapons.

“We have rules that are above me,” she tells him. “This is a domestic situation and I don’t have a choice.”

In the segment, which can be seen below, she talks to the television audience about the dangers of responding to domestic violence calls.

“Domestics are the most dangerous calls a police officer can go on,” she says.

Lyons, who last year won an award for heroism, was sued that same year along with two fellow cops for beating a woman in a restaurant in 2014, according to CT News.

Earlier this month, a judge dismissed the disorderly conduct charge against Lyons in the altercation involving her ex-boyfriend.

According to the CT Post:

Superior Court Judge Kevin Doyle dismissed the charge of disorderly conduct against Bridgeport Police Sgt. Stacey Lyons after the officer had completed the family violence counseling program.
“She went through a similar process that other people accused of the same offense went through and had the same result,” said Lyons’ lawyer, Christian Young. “Now hopefully she can get back to serving the community as she has done with honor for the past 11 years.”Lyons, 33, had been arrested by Trumbull police in October after her former boyfriend complained that she had gained access to his apartment and attacked him.
This was just hours after Lyons appeared on the A&E program, “Live PD,” in which she is seen on the program turning to the man who is sitting in the back of her police car, urging him to turn over any guns he has.

No word yet on whether the man she arrested on the show also had his charges dismissed by participating in same family violence counseling program.

Below is the trailer of the show she was on, followed by the full episode, where she comes on around the 45-minute mark.


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