Award-Winning Cop Arrested for Killing Mistress to Hide Affair from Wife

Carlos Miller

The Mississippi police officer was once named Mounted Officer of the Year.

A Mississippi woman who proudly supported cops on Facebook was allegedly killed by the same cop she was dating.

Dominique Clayton, 32, a black mother of four children, was having an affair with Oxford police officer Matthew Kinne, 38, a white married four-year veteran of the department.

But she ended up shot in the back of the head while sleeping on Sunday and Kinne was arrested on a murder charge the following day. Her 8-year-old son discovered her body.

“(He was) real possessive and stalking her… kept sneaking in her house," Clayton's sister, Shyjuan Clayton, told WHBQ. "I guess he did this so he wouldn’t have to tell the wife.”

Shyjuan Clayton went on to say that Kinne had purchased her sister a car that he kept in his name and was in the process of purchasing her a home.

Kinne, who was once named Mounted Officer of the Year, was expecting to be bailed out last week on what was described as a "reasonable" bond.

But Clayton's mother, Bessie Clayton, protested and accused the court of racial bias, according to the Associated Press.

Bessie Clayton said no black person would be considered for bail for such a crime, but prosecutors and a judge are willing to let Kinne’s defense lawyer negotiate bail for a white man.

“There is no justice for black people,” she said.

A prosecutor told Lafayette County Circuit Judge Andrew Howorth he thinks prosecutors and defense lawyers can agree on “reasonable” bail for Kinne. The officer remains jailed in neighboring Panola County for now and a decision on bail may not come until next week. It’s not uncommon for bail to be denied in murder cases in Mississippi.

Bessie Clayton also complained that Howorth laughed during the hearing.

“They are allowing the killer to decide his bond!” Bessie Clayton told reporters outside the courtroom after the hearing. “That man came through the bushes while he was on duty and walked in behind my daughter’s home, put a bullet in the back of her ... head and executed her. And they laughed. They should discuss with him what his bond should be? We need help in Oxford! We need intervention in Oxford!”

So Judge Andrew Howorth recused himself from the case and Kinne remains incarcerated without bond in a neighboring jail.

The Mississippi Bureau of Investigation was brought in to investigate after police learned of the affair.

“We want to assure you that we will not hide behind our badge,” Interim Oxford Police Chief Jeff McCutchen said. “Our hearts go out to the family of Dominique Clayton. To the family, we thank you for your patience and your trust in us to see this through.”

Clayton was described by friends and family as a very positive person who would frequently laugh and sing.

She would also praise police officers on Facebook, including the following meme she posted on Friday, two days before she was killed.​

​Studies have shown that police are four times as likely to abuse their domestic partners, so not only are they not protecting the public, they are not even protecting their own loved ones.

"My sister didn’t deserve to have this done to her," said Shyjuan Clayton. "My sister has four kids. Her kids have to grow up without a mom."​

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This was in Mississippi black folks know the history of white cops white folks in Mississippi what day proceed to trial embrace them instead of trying to remove them from Power these people are not your friends this is why this doesn't really concern me the poorest dumbest state in the Union 47th and education one number above dumbass Alabama ranked dead last in literacy


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