Baltimore Cops Charged in Freddie Gray Death

Carlos Miller

Baltimore Cops Charged in Freddie Gray Death (Updated with Press Conference)

After weeks of silence, speculation, spin and suspicion of a police coverup, the Baltimore state attorney announced Friday that criminal charges will be filed against the six cops involved in the Freddie Gray death.

The charges will include second-degree murder, manslaughter, assault, false imprisonment and misconduct in office, Marilyn Mosby stated in a press conference in what is a developing story.

According to NBC News:

“I assured his family that no one is above the law and that I would pursue justice on their behalf,” Marilyn Mosby said in a press conference on Friday.
“We knew that this was a serious case,” she said. “From day one, we investigated. We’re not just relying solely on what we were given by the police department.”

Mosby also said the knife police said Grey was carrying was a simple pocketknife, not a switchblade knife as police claimed in the report that was released more than a week after his arrest, which explains why they didn’t release photos of it as they usually do in these cases.

In other words, cops had absolutely no reason to arrest him. Nothing. And for people wondering why he ran, his death should be the best explanation anybody ever needs.

Mosby said the officers placed cuffs on his wrists and shackles on his legs and left him stomach-down on the floor of the police van as they drove around, which explains why a leaked autopsy indicated he died after his head slammed against a bolt in the backdoor of the police van.

Criminal charges against the cops are only the first step and by no means indicate that true justice will be served. But it at leasts means the cops be placed on trial without having to before a grand jury, which we have seen can be a very non-transparent process.

Below are photos of the press release listing the names of the officers and the charges they are facing.

Meanwhile, cops posting on the Police One Facebook page are outraged that their fellow officers would be held to the same standards as any other citizen who kills. The Baltimore police union is also insisting this decision is political as you can read in the third document below.

UPDATE: Here is the press conference where State Attorney Marilyn Mosby announces the charges against the six cops.


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