Baltimore SWAT Officer Indicted on 12 Charges


Baltimore SWAT Officer Indicted on 12 Charges, Helped Wife Rob Bank Where She Was CEO

Last week, the Baltimore County Police Department announced a sergeant has been suspended without pay after being charged by the Baltimore County State’s Attorney’s Office in connection with a complex fraud investigation which includes his wife as a co-conspirator.

Over a dozen offenses landed that Baltimore SWAT Officer indicted, and Daniel Gregory Galloway, 40, now faces five charges of Conspiracy to Commit Theft ($10,000-$100,000), four counts of Theft ($10,000-$100,000), Conspiracy to Commit Theft of more than $100,000 and one other Theft charge ($1,000-$10,000).

If you’re looking for a mugshot photo of the Baltimore cop who robbed a bank with his wife, there won’t be one.

Sergeant Galloway wasn’t booked or processed into BCDC or any of the area’s notoriously violent jails.

Instead the Baltimore SWAT officer was served with a “Criminal Summons”

No bond was required, nor was any bail set for the officer.

Repeated calls to Galloway’s police agency last week and this week proved fruitless as the Baltimore County Police refused to reveal his pay rate, provide any service photo on file or say exactly how much Galloway was charged with stealing.

It’s a story which conjures up the financial crash classic book “The Best Way to Rob a Bank is To Own One.”

Galloway was an 18 year veteran of the Baltimore County force’s Special Operations Section, assigned to it’s “Tactical Unit” which is the functional equivalent of a SWAT Unit in most departments.

The fancy title didn’t stop Galloway from recieving special benefits from his wife’s job.

Tina Galloway was hired by Health Care United Federal Credit Union in 2000 and named CEO 13 years ago.

In March of 2015 the Baltimore County State’s Attorney’s Office was contacted by the bank, which led to a criminal investigation subsequent to completing routine audit in November 2014 uncovered discrepancies in the Galloway family’s accounts.

Baltimore County detectives named Tina Galloway as the person responsible for defrauding the bank, which is located within and serves Greater Baltimore Medical Center, as well as serving local Sheppard Pratt Hospital.

Mrs. Galloway was charged earlier this week with theft too.

Credit unions are far more simple to operate than a traditional bank. Likely, it would be harder to defraud a credit union since they typically handle very little of the actual business of banking, but rather act as outlets for a little known set of Credit Unions which give only business to business service, and which were bailed out in 2010 after suffering their own collapse.

These local institutions use their “Corporate Credit Union” to remove the burden of detailed account administration chores from the many thousands of smaller consumer facing Credit Unions serving schools, medical and other pools of their shared interest clientele.

In theory, it makes Credit Unions easier to manage, and harder to defraud.

According to the Baltimore County PD’s website:

The investigation determined that Sergeant Galloway’s wife embezzled money from the bank; falsified records; and issued checks to herself that were supposed to be for bank expenses. Investigation also revealed discrepancies with loans made by the credit union and other lenders to the Galloways. The amount of money involved remains under investigation, but police believe the amount is substantial.
Months of additional investigation showed that Sergeant Galloway was involved. Detectives found that Sergeant Galloway knew of some of his wife’s activities, benefited from them and conspired to defraud the credit union.
The charges against Sergeant Galloway do not involve any of his on-duty activities with BCoPD and do not involve public funds.

At least we finally know what it takes for a cop to be suspended without pay.

When that cop is accused of stealing money from a bank.


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