Border Patrol Agent.. Arrested for Civil Rights violations


Border Patrol has been really pushing their luck regarding us recording them.. finally it caught up with them. This Agent never heard of "Turner V Driver" where the 5th circuit ruled recording government personnel is a protected first amendment act. Even though they say she could get a year in jail and $10,000 fine.. I'd be surprised if she got off with anything other than a suspended sentence and/or community service.

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Deprivation of Civil Rights through a criminal information document. This type of charging document is similar to a criminal complaint, but is routinely used before an arrest.

federal agents seem to have too good! they get to go to court BEFORE they get charged with a crime!
it is already hard enough to get charges placed on the blue lies mafia, feds seem to be able to do what ever they want unimpeded...

Cops In Cuffs