California Rapist Cop Sentenced to Prison after Cops Ignored Previous Victims

Carlos Miller

He would prey on women who were homeless or addicted to drugs or alcohol.

By the time Noah Winchester was arrested on 22 counts of felony sexual assault in 2016 after an eight month investigation, the San Mateo police officer had already been accused of raping two females while on duty in 2013 when he worked for another police agency.

One of those victims was a 17-year-old girl but it does not appear as if he was ever investigated for those rapes because he went on to rape many more woman over the next three years. After all, like many cops accused of rape we have written about over the years, Winchester would prey on females who were homeless or addicted to drugs or alcohol and have little credibility in the eyes of police.

Last week, Winchester was sentenced to 81 years in prison for his crimes.

According to CBS San Francisco:

The charges against Winchester filed in July of 2016 include kidnapping with intent to commit rape, rape, sexual penetration and oral copulation under color of authority, battery, criminal threats, and forcible sex offenses.

Winchester was accused of assaulting two victims, including a 17-year-old girl, in the Sacramento area in 2013 while he was an officer with the Los Rios Community College Police Department and three women in 2015 in San Mateo County while he was a San Mateo police officer.

He quit the Los Rios department early in 2015 after more than five years to join the San Mateo department, but questions about his conduct in San Mateo arose when a distressed woman was found in Burlingame at about 5:15 a.m. on Oct. 20.

The woman told police that she had been assaulted. Burlingame police referred the case to San Mateo, where Winchester was swiftly placed on leave and the district attorney’s office was called in to investigate.

But suspicions about Winchester had already been raised in 2013 while he was still with the Los Rios department. A woman reported an assault in 2013 to Sacramento police, who referred the case to the Los Rios Community College District, Wagstaffe said.

According to the Palo Alo Daily Post:

This Sacramento woman encountered Winchester while he was an officer for the Los Rios Community College District. Winchester stopped the woman and her two friends and found out that the woman was a runaway and said he would take her to a shelter, according to court documents.

However, on the way to the shelter, Winchester searched the woman, including touching her rear end and vagina inappropriately, according to the prosecution.

Police didn’t pursue case

The woman initially told police when she first reported the incident in 2013 that Winchester touched her inappropriately twice, but in 2015, told investigators the touching happened once, according to Rains’ filing. The second allegation of touching was what was thrown out.

After the woman reported Winchester, Sacramento Police investigated him, but no charges were filed, according to the Sacramento Bee.

A second Sacramento woman came forward in 2015 regarding an incident where she was assaulted by Winchester on July 2, 2013, and the Sacramento Sheriff’s department investigated Winchester, but again, no charges were ever filed.

Like the other rapist cops, Winchester first tried to claim the sex was consensual. He then tried to blame a porn addiction. Now he vows to appeal the conviction.


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