California Transit Cop Shoots Dog on a Leash for Lunging at Him

Ben Keller

A BART police officer shot and wounded a dog on Friday. Witnesses say it was on a leash when gunshots rang out.

A grisly scene unfolded after a transit cop in San Francisco shot and wounded a dog last week.

The officer claims he fired shots after the four-year-old dog named Lily lunged at him.

The officer said the dog was not on a leash.

But several witnesses at the scene said they saw the dog on a leash.

After being shot, Lily was taken to a veterinary for medical treatment.

Initially, the severity of her injuries were not immediately clear.

Video shows the dog survived the initial injuries from the shooting, although video shows the animal clearly in a state of shock and panic.

A pool of red can be seen forming around Lily from the blood draining from the gunshot wound to its head.

The owner holds Lily, attempting to comfort her for several minutes after the shooting.

Sadly, PINAC has learned the dog had to be euthanized as a result of its injuries.

"It's just senseless to me," Brianna Beebee, whose brother Colby owned the dog, said.

"She didn’t charge at the officer, she did not attack the officer. That dog is around my daughter. That dog is harmless."

Beebee said Colby was walking Lily when he stopped to help a woman having an asthma attack.

BART police say the officer ordered Colby to move, because he and Lily were blocking the stairwell.

That's when the officer shot the dog for "aggressively lunging toward" him.

BART spokeswoman Anna Duckworth said the department is reviewing video of the incident and conducting an internal affairs investigation.

Duckworth described the dog as a pit bull that "aggressively lunched toward" the officer stated the dog was not on a leash, according to the San Francisco Examiner.

Mira Ingram, who witnessed the shooting, said when she turned around to see what happened after hearing the gunshot, the police officer was standing about four to five feet away from the dog, holding his gun.

Ingram was unable to verify whether or not the dog was on a leash, but stated the dog's owner was "traumatized" and "shocked" from the incident.

Several witnesses have came forward on social media, saying the dog was on a leash.

Video of the aftermath, posted to Facebook, shows Colby holding Lily with the leash visibly hanging from the her neck..

This is the second time a police officer has shot a dog in the Market Street area in two weeks.

On July 31, a San Francisco cop shot and wounded a dog near the same area, claiming it "advanced" on another officer.

The dog involved in that shooting also had to be euthanized.

Beebee said her family has attempted to contact BART to find some answers, but numerous calls have not been returned.

"That was everything my brother had. She’s been there a lot for him and now she’s taken from him," she said.

"There’s no reason for him to have pulled a gun on a dog. He has a Taser, he has pepper spray. I don’t get it."

The shooting comes just weeks after a story we reported about earlier this month involving a Texas police officer attempting to shoot a dog he believed was charging at him — only to fatally shoot the dog's owner instead.

In a separate incident last year, a Kansas cop opened fire on a dog in a room full of kids, hitting a nine-year-old girl in the face instead of the dog.

Video above shows the bloody aftermath in the minutes after the most recent shooting of Lily.

In the video below, citizen journalist Julian Chu conducts an interview with "Lisa," who says she saw the dog on a leash and apparently doesn't believe shooting the animal was necessary.

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Shooting in a stairwell? Where a bullet can go anywhere.

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Kjell Skaht

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