Chicago Cop Dressed As Clown Gets Arrested After Punching Fellow Cop

Karina Salgado

Keith Palmer

Cops behave like clowns everyday, but this cop got arrested looking like a clown

Chicago Police Officer Karina Salgado, 30, was arrested on three misdemeanor charges after allegedly slapping a fellow officer early Friday November 1st during a Halloween celebration.

Salgado was dressed as a clown when she tried to enter a Lakeview East bar, police say. For whatever reason, Salgado was not allowed inside the bar. Salgado was off duty at the time. Police said she appeared intoxicated.

According to CBS Chicago, Salgado continued trying to get inside the bar. On duty Chicago police officers responded to the scene and told Salgado that she was prohibited from entering the establishment.

Police say that Salgado again tried to get into the bar, and again officers tried to stop her.

That’s when Salgado became aggressive and struck an officer in the face with an open hand, police say.

It was then that officers arrested Salgado and charged her with resisting or obstructing an officer, battery, and criminal trespass to property. Salgado was released on her own recognizance.

Salgado has been a Chicago police officer for the past two years. While an internal investigation takes place, Salgado has been reassigned to the department’s Alternate Response Section, in which staffers field non-emergency calls and determine whether to send field officers or make a police report over the phone.

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