Colorado Cop in Child Sex Investigation Tries to Board Flight to Taiwan

Joshua Brown

Child pornography and an attempted flight to Taiwan got this cop's passport confiscated.

A police officer at Red Rocks Community College in Colorado was arrested on September 23 in connection with a child pornography investigation. The cop knew he was being investigated and was attempting the leave the United States on a one way plane to Taiwan.

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) even got involved.

Taiwan doesn't have an extradition treaty with the United States, so the suspect would of got away nearly scot free if he were to arrive in Taiwan.

A official arrest affidavit shows that 28-year-old David Delaney was arrested on one count of sexual exploitation of a child, which is a class 4 felony.

The investigation into Delaney started on July 3, when another law enforcement agency alerted them to a possible child pornography case in which Delaney was the primary suspect, The Denver Post reports.

Delaney was placed on administrative leave by Red Rocks Community College once it was notified of the investigation.

Police learned of an IP address associated with 31 images and videos of child pornography, upon further investigation, cops learned the IP address belonged to Delaney.

Police obtained warrants to search Delaney's electronics and found one image on his computer that depicted two minor females sitting on a bedroom floor with their legs spread out exposing their vaginas.

Other images showed minor girls bent over exposing their buttocks and vaginas. Brian Trout a computer forensics analyst with DHS conducted a forensic examination of one of Delaney's SD cards which contained a 10 minute long video of a minor girl engaging in oral sex and sexual intercourse with a unidentified adult man.

On September 23 police received a notification that Delaney was planning to flee the United States on a plane to Taiwan, but they obtained the warrant on the sexual exploitation of a child charge, and police arrested Delaney at the Denver International Airport before he was able to board his plane.

Captain Joe Harvey of the Golden Police Department says:

> “Our biggest concern was we don’t have an extradition treaty with Taiwan, the United States doesn’t so it doesn’t mean we can't get him back it just complicates things a great deal. Pedophiles blend in. They’re good at grooming their victims. They’re good at grooming the parents of the victims. They work normal jobs -- they can work next to you and you wouldn’t know it”

Delaney posted a $60,000 cash/surety bond. He now must wear a GPS tracking device until his trial starts.

A judge has also ordered police to keep Delaney’s passport in their custody and that Delaney not be allowed internet access or to travel out of state without the court’s permission.

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