Colorado Cop who Fabricated Shooting on Himself Receives Probation

Carlos Miller

Colorado Cop who Fabricated Shooting on Himself Receives Probation.

Trying to capitalize on the fabricated War on Cops, a Colorado cop fabricated a shooting on himself last year, prompting a statewide manhunt that ended up costing $38,000 in taxpayer money.

Commerce City police officer Kevin Lord even pointed out a suspect in a photo lineup, telling investigators that he was 90 percent sure it was the man in the photo, encouraging officers to arrest him.

A $20,000 reward was offered for the capture of the suspect while Commerce City police issued the following statement after the November 5, 2015 incident:

“Words cannot begin to express the outpouring of love, prayers and support we have felt from the law enforcement community and the community at large. Kevin is a fighter and our family is focused on his recovery. At this time, we ask the media and public to respect our privacy and focus on the one thing that matters: catching the suspect and bringing him to justice.”

But five days later, Commerce City police arrested Lord after he confessed to lying about the incident, using his back-up gun to shoot into his bulletproof vest.

The 52-year-old cop was charged with one felony count of attempting to influence a public official and one misdemeanor count of false reporting in the incident.

Even though he had confessed after police found multiple discrepancies in his story, he pleaded not guilty to those charges in March.

He then accepted a plea deal where he pleaded guilty to one count of felony tampering with evidence and a misdemeanor charge of false reporting – claiming he fabricated the attack because he suffered from post traumatic stress disorder.

The judge sentenced him to 36 months of probation and 500 hours of community service.

In 2013, he was suspected of staging another attack on himself, which did not stop him from receiving a Purple Heart award.

And there may have been another incident in 2014, according to CBS Denver:

Records show that in 2013 Commerce City then paid Lord $10,864.53 for 38 days he was on injury leave, presumably related to the Purple Heart incident.
In 2014 the department paid Lord for another 17 days he was on injury leave. That total was $4,888.70. The nature of the 2014 injury was not specified in the records released to CBS4 on Tuesday.

The judge also ordered him to undergo a mental health evaluation. And the sentence also forbids him from ever being a cop again.


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