Cop Arrested after Video Proves he Lied when Shoving Handcuffed Inmate into Wall

Carlos Miller

Homestead police officer Lester Brown was arrested on a felony charge of battery and misdemeanor official misconduct.

A South Florida cop claimed a handcuffed inmate was being combative towards other officers who were struggling to keep him under control when he intervened and pulled the inmate away, only for the inmate to break free from his grasp and smash his own face against the wall.

But a surveillance video proved that was a lie.

Instead, the video shows Homestead police officer Lester Brown escorting the handcuffed non-resisting subject into a room before shoving him against the wall.

The inmate, Jose Garcia Alvarado, ended up with blood on his face and had to be transported to the hospital so they could stitch him up. Garcia had been arrested for disorderly intoxication and resisting arrest without violence during the December 2018 arrest.

But now it is Brown facing criminal charges after he was arrested this week and charged with felony battery as well as misdemeanor official misconduct for fabricating the report.

"​Police officers have a legal responsibility to abide by all laws and Lester Brown’s arrest demonstrates how seriously our police department takes that obligation," Homestead Police Chief Al Rolle said in a statement.

But considering our reporter, Eric McDonough aka Doc Justice, has been engaged in a lengthy legal battle against the department, we know firsthand it does not take very seriously the obligation that cops must remain lawful.

It's more likely he Brown was arrested because he has a pending lawsuit against the Homestead Police Department, claiming he was passed over for promotions multiple times because he is missing two fingers on his left hand.

Brown's attorney, C. Michael Cornely, told CBS4 that the charges were "vindictive" and "overkill."

“I’m disappointed in the State Attorney,” he said. “I believe this officer believed the man was a threat to him and he had to make a split second decision to put some space between him and the prisoner.”

And that is all it normally takes to clear the cop of any wrongdoing. But this cop made it personal by suing the department so now he is apparently paying the price.

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Cops should NEVER be allowed to make Split-Second decisions. They are always wrong and somebody often gets killed. They are taught repeatedly to use violence to protect themselves against any 'perceived' threat. But, then, cops all believe we are out to get them. So, their 'perceived' threat to them is actual and real. Just damned horrible training of cops. If they weren't violent bullies before being hired, they are certainly trained to be 'killers' by the Academy.


Cops are nothing but lying pigs


way to go piggy! always a good idea to sue your employer and abuse your authority.

it is funny how the pigs can beat, taze, rape, kill and get away with it, but lie on a report, oh no! time to loose your job!


Take his Badge Away For He is a Public Safety Threat!

Cops In Cuffs