Cop Makes Woman Give Oral Sex to Avoid Jail, He Got Consent from Her Husband

Richard Daniel

Joshua Brown

This has to be the worst husband in the world.

A cop in Tuscon, Arizona told a woman he wouldn’t take her to jail if she would give him oral sex. All this in front of her husband, who gave consent for the cop to violate his wife.

Tuscon Police Department Officer Richard Daniel, 33, was arrested on Sunday, Jan. 20 charged with Unlawful Sexual Conduct by a Peace Officer and Tampering with Physical Evidence.

Daniel first contacted the female victim at her apartment complex on Jan. 13, following a report that she had a confrontation with a clerk at a 7-Eleven.

During questioning, Daniel told the woman she had an outstanding warrant and that he wouldn’t take her to jail if she had oral sex or intercourse with him, Tuscon News Now reports.

The woman lied to Daniel and said she was pregnant in hopes that he would leave her alone, the criminal complaint says.

At that point, Daniel offered to take her to another location so they could have sex. Not wanting to go anywhere with him, the woman told Daniel he could come up to her apartment and she would give him oral sex if her husband said it was okay.

Her husband was in the apartment when the woman brought Daniel inside and conveyed the officer’s proposal. When the husband asked Daniel if he was serious, the officer shrugged.

The husband stated that he didn't care, the husband then left the apartment to go to the store.

The woman and Daniel then went to the bedroom. Daniel lay on the bed and took his pants down. The woman began to give him oral sex. Court documents detail in graphic nature that Daniel ejaculated in the woman's mouth at the climax of the encounter. The woman then spit the officer's semen out of her mouth and onto the floor.

Daniel then took a napkin and wiped up some of the semen from the floor. However, there was still enough semen on the floor to get a DNA sample.

After the sex-act, Daniel told her to take care of her warrant or she’d have to go to jail. Then he left.

The husband called to file a complaint against Daniel four days later. Investigators took evidence from inside the apartment, and Daniel’s DNA was found in the apartment on the floor where the woman spit out Daniel's semen.

Daniel was arrested on January 20 and was placed on leave without pay; he was also served a notice of intent to terminate his employment.

Assistant Chief of Police Carla Johnson released this statement:

“We take these allegations very seriously. Officer Daniel’s conduct — if it’s true, if these allegations are correct — it’s appalling, and it’s not reflective of the men and women who serve and protect this community every day.”


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