Cop Suspended for Defrauding Man with Alzheimer's Pleads Guilty to Bank Robbery

Carlos Miller

The California cop faces up to 40 years in prison.

For three years, San Francisco police officer Rain Daugherty collected a paycheck for doing nothing as punishment for his involvement in a much publicized scandal where he was one of several officers sending racist text messages to other officers in 2015.

During that paid suspension as he continued collecting more than $100,000 a year, he picked up a gig helping an elderly man with Alzheimer's disease doing errands.

But the cop ended up withdrawing more than $13,000 in four months from the man's bank account using the man's ATM card without the man ever knowing.

It was only when a friend of the man discovered the missing money and reported the cop.

Daugherty was was placed on unpaid suspension in July 2018 after he was charged with a felony charge of elder abuse as well as with drug possession, including cocaine and three other drugs that were not mentioned in The Daily Journal.

From there, he robbed two banks of more than $10,000 on November 29 and December 13 by handing tellers notes demanding money. He arrested for those bank robberies on December 15, 2018.

Last week, the 44-year-old cop pleaded guilty to both counts of bank robbery and can receive up to 40 years when he is sentenced on May 9.

He still faces five years for ripping the old man off and the drug charges.

And he is still a cop as he remains on unpaid suspension since the department has made no move to fire him.


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