Cop Takes Himself Off-Duty to Have Sex with Mentally Disabled Woman

Alexandra Gratereaux

Denver Cop Takes Himself Off-Duty to Have Sex with Mentally Disabled Woman, Report Claims.

A Colorado cop is coming under fire after a mentally disabled woman is accusing him of having sex with her while she was drunk.

Denver police officer Travis Jackson was suspended on Tuesday by the Denver Civil Service Commission for 20 days but to the dismay of many not for sexual misconduct.

FOX 31 Denver got their hands on the documents from the Service Commission and attempted to find out exactly why Jackson was not charged with having sex on duty. The Department of Safety stated that “the investigation did not prove or disprove there was any sexual conduct.”

According to the records, “the District Attorney declined to criminally prosecute officer Jackson because it appeared that the sex was consensual between Jackson and the woman.”

The unnamed woman disagrees.

Everything began a year ago back in July, 4, 2014 when Jackson was called to remove a drunk, mentally ill woman from a local shelter. Instead of alerting the dispatch he was transporting a woman, he took himself off duty to help her find a hotel room. A final order from the Service Commission states Jackson then spent 20 minutes with the lady inside her hotel room.

“[Officer Jackson] spent twenty minutes with the woman in her hotel room. Less than a week later the woman lodged a complaint against officer Jackson claiming he has sexually assaulted her,” the Service Commission wrote.

Jackson was suspended for 20 days “for failure to notify a dispatch while transporting a woman” and for “leaving the city and county of Denver without permission” but nor for having sex on duty.

“Officer Jackson appears to us to be fortunate that the Department did not charge him with having sexual relations on duty, which… is grounds for discharge,” The Service Commission added in the final order released.

“There is no conclusive evidence in the record that the allegations are false. Officer Jackson, in his brief, appears to find vindication in the fact that the District Attorney refused to prosecute him criminally,” the report added.

“The fact that Officer Jackson might have taken himself out of service for almost one hundred minutes and during that time, while still on the job and in uniform, engaged in sexual activity with a vulnerable, drunken, mentally challenged female, is hardly grounds for Officer Jackson taking the victory lap to which he seems to believe he is entitled.”

Still, both the Service Commission and the Safety Department told the FOX affiliate they fully “support the suspension.”


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