Cop who beat student for untucked shirt jailed on rape charges

Carlos Miller

Cop who beat student for untucked shirt jailed on rape charges

The suburban Chicago cop who was caught on video beating a 15-year-old student for refusing to tuck his shirt last May is being accused of raping a woman while holding a pillow over her face.

He also killed his ex-wife’s new husband last year by shooting him 24 times in front of their children while he was a cop for another suburban police department.

He was suspended for that incident and eventually found work with the Dolton Police Department, where he ended up beating the special needs student who weighed only 140 pounds, breaking his nose and lacerating his face.

A few months later, he allegedly threatened an Indiana woman with a knife. Then later raped her with a pillow over her face on September 14, according to the Chicago Tribune.

It is no wonder why the Dolton Police Department refused to release his name this week when the video of the student beating emerged.

Christopher Lloyd, 38, has been incarcerated in Indiana on a $110,000 bond since last month. He faces 20 years in prison for the rape allegation.

His ex-wife has also filed a wrongful death suit against him and the Robbins Police Department for the killing of her new husband in February 2008.

Chicago police accepted his claims of self-defense even though he drove to the couple’s home while off-duty and got into an argument with Cornell McKinney, before shooting him 24 times.

It is not clear whether he reloaded in that incident, but if he did, it would make it hard to believe he was acting in self-defense.

The suit claims the autopsy contradicts the police investigation. I’m sure it does. The Chicago Police Department should be sued as well.


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