Dallas Cop Amber Guyger Indicted on Murder Charge for Killing Botham Jean

Carlos Miller

Amber Guyger claimed she thought the man was an intruder when it was her intruding into his apartment.

The Dallas police officer who shot and killed a man inside his own apartment after claiming she thought it was her apartment was indicted today on a murder charge.

A Dallas County grand jury indicted Amber Guyger after hearing four days of testimony, according to WFAA and CBS Dallas.

No official word has been made by the courts or police yet.

We will be updating this story as it progresses but read the background on the links below.

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She lied so many times, changing her story repeatedly, that she should get zero leniency in sentencing after a jury convicts her, which they surely will. This was clearly first degree murder: she had a beef with him, deliberately went to his apartment to have it out, then shot him in cold blood. That’s what the DA has already proven, and will have no trouble convincing a jury of in court. Fortunately the death penalty is still available in Texas, and perfectly appropriate for zero-doubt situations like this one. She deliberately took his life without justification, so she needs to give up her life. It’s Biblical.

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