Dallas County Cop Arrested, Surveillance Video Shows Him Shoplifting

Carlos Miller

Dallas County Cop Arrested After Surveillance Video Shows Him Shoplifting Several Times in Uniform.

A Dallas County cop was arrested Tuesday on allegations he shoplifted several times from a grocery store while in full uniform.

Darrell Moore, who makes more than $58,000-a-year, would walk into the Tom Thumb grocery store in Garland, make some purchases and help himself to items on display on his way out.

The store’s surveillance system has video of him shoplifting on at least eight separate occasions, but those charges were reduced to a single charge of shoplifting under the unspoken Blue Privilege code.

Because he was a cop, police were unable to just make an arrest as they would do to anybody else once presented with video evidence.

Instead, they began an “investigation” that lasted from May 4 to June 16, which left them no doubt that he was shoplifting.

But Moore was apparently tipped off that he was being investigated and called a lieutenant from the Garland Police Department to inform him everything was just a “misunderstanding” and that he had made arrangements with employees to add the stolen items to his total bill.

But when Garland police spoke to employees, they learned that was not the case.

At one point, Moore tried to steal some brisket and pork by not scanning the items in the store’s self-checkout line, but he was confronted by a manager and was required to pay.

Nevertheless, he grabbed a couple of bags of ice on his way out the store that day.

The total value of the items he is accused of stealing is just over $69, so perhaps he was under the impression that these were just offerings to the gods that were available for free to him because he wore a cop’s uniform.

According to the WFAA:

In total, police say Moore stole 15 bags of ice, one 12-pack of soda, one bag of charcoal, one 8-pack of Gatorade, and three cases of water, with a total value of $69.59.
Moore was hired by the Dallas County Sheriff’s Department as a detention service officer in March 1989 and promoted to deputy sheriff in June 1992, according to the Dallas County Sheriff’s Department. His most recent assignment prior to the allegations was the warrant execution section desk.
He has been placed on restricted duty pending the outcome of an internal investigation, as well as the Garland criminal case.


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