Detective Admits to Pocketing Jewelry While Serving Search Warrant

Alexandra Gratereaux

Miami-Dade Detective Admits to Pocketing Jewelry While Serving Search Warrant.

A Miami-Dade police detective has come clean about stealing some bling.

Karel Rosario, a 19-year veteran, pleaded guilty earlier this week on Tuesday to stealing expensive jewelry while on-duty during a search warrant.

According to Miami-Dade State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle, Rosario came clean about taking a Cartier watch, a bracelet and a couple of other pieces of jewelry in May from a suspect’s home. The suspect was being investigated for allegedly selling pharmaceutical drugs.

WSVN reports that Rosario attempted to resell the jewelry to local jewelers but failed. After one of the jewelers recalled selling the same pieces to a Yulia Martinez and her husband, the authorities were notified.

Rosario then attempted to sell one of the pieces to an undercover cop for a whopping $17,000 resulting in him being charged.

Rosario’s sentencing is set for Jan. 22. He faces 15 years of prison time but, according to WSVN, Rosario will get a much less sentencing.

NBC reports that Rosario also nabbed with him a Rolex Daytona Watch, a Bulgari ring, a Bulgari bracelet, a David Yurman bracelet and a few bottles of pricey perfumes.

“Every police department depends on the integrity and professionalism of its officers,” said Rundle in a statement. “Detective Rosario sold out his integrity the minute he picked up that jewelry. He has let down the good people of Miami-Dade County and every professional police officer who risks death each day to uphold our laws.”


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