Drunk Las Vegas Cop Arrested for Punching Citizen after DUI Crash,

Joshua Brown

Drunk Las Vegas Cop Arrested for Punching Citizen after DUI Crash, Pulling Gun on Witnesses

Drunk driving and cops don’t mix.

Just ask Sergeant Anthony Russo of the Las Vegas Police Department.

Russo was arrested last month for pulling his gun on a citizen during a car crash that Russo created in his drunken stupor. If that wasn’t bad enough, Russo also punched the citizen victim.

The 20-year veteran is president of the department’s Police Officer’s Association.

The Las Vegas Review Journal reports that Russo crashed his white SUV into a midsize sedan at the intersection of Sunset Road and the 215 Beltway.

The Nevada Highway Patrol determined that the Las Vegas cop was at fault.

Russo reportedly ran a red light at a speed of 60 mph before slamming into the sedan.

Instead of checking on the victim, Russo decided to punch the victim in the face multiple times. Russo was off-duty and out of uniform. And he punched one of the witnesses trying to stop him from attacking the initial victim.

Then, in an all out drunken rage, Russo pulled out a gun from his pants and pointed it at everybody on the scene.

Once the highway patrol arrived on scene, Russo refused to take any field sobriety tests.

The arrest report shows that four vials of blood were drawn from Russo, and it was determined that he was “officially intoxicated.”

As if his actions had not already indicated that.

A spokesman for the Nevada Highway Patrol said:

“He faces charges that include driving under the influence, failure to obey a traffic signal, possession of a firearm while under the influence of alcohol, drawing a deadly weapon in a threatening manner and two counts of battery.”

Russo was sent to the Clark County Detention Center. Currently Russo is suspended without pay.

Police Captain Ken Young said, “Russo is still employed by the department. Everything is still under investigation at this point”.


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