Drunk Miami Cop Pulled over for DUI Demands but is Denied Blue Privilege

Carlos Miller

The cop handed over his police identification and claimed that as a police officer, that was his registration.

Miami police officer Danny Hebra was seen wobbling out of a liquor store in the Florida Keys, then tossing an empty bottle of vodka out his car window into the parking lot before speeding off, driving over curbs as he made his way back onto the highway.

A man who who witnessed it all called 911 to report a drunk driver and Hebra was quickly pulled over by a Monroe County sheriff's deputy, according to WSVN.

Dashcam video show Hebra drifting into the bicycle lane before making a right onto a sidestreet where he drove on the wrong side of the road before coming to a stop. It also shows Hebra slurring. The deputy said he had bloodshot eyes and the car reeked of booze.

When the deputy asked for his registration, Hebra handed him his Miami police identification.

"Being a police officer, that is my registration," Hebra explained.

But the deputy wasn't about to grant him Blue Privilege, ordering him out of the car where he was asked to perform a sobriety test.

He began the test, but then was allowed to call somebody he referred to as "sergeant" who told him not to do the test because cops pulled over for drunk driving always refuse the test, knowing it will help get them acquitted.

According to WSVN:

He did start the test, but soon wanted to make a phone call. The police report notes the contact he called was labeled “Sergeant.” In the call, Hebra said he’s “doing roadsides” and asked, “Do I do them?”

Once off the phone, he told the deputy he no longer wanted to continue the test, but he did continue begging to be let off the hook.

Danny Hebra: “There’s nothing you can do? Really?”

MCSO deputy: “I can’t.”

Danny Hebra: “Really? Really?”

MCSO deputy: “Really. If I let you go right now, Danny, you understand I’ll lose my job?”

Danny Hebra: “You won’t.”

MCSO deputy: “One hundred percent.”

And fortunately for Hebra, he wasn't transported to a hospital for a forced blood test as we've seen them do to other citizens who refused sobriety tests.

However, he was placed into the back seat of a patrol car where he appeared to pass out in the backseat. At the police station, he was in handcuffs and continued to berate the arresting deputy about arresting a fellow cop.

"We're not above the law, sir," the deputy responded. "You know that, right?"

Hebra is still employed but is on paid administrative leave until an internal investigation is completed.

Watch the video at WSVN.

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