Drunk Tennessee Cop Crashes Car into Business, Urinates on Floor, Assaults Staff

Lakisha Chandler

Drunk Tennessee university cop was charged with DUI.

A Vanderbilt University police officer is in custody after crashing her car early Tuesday morning.

Lakisha Chandler, 34, crashed her car in front of a business at 203 2nd Ave. North around 2:19 a.m. Chandler then urinated on the floor of the business and then assaulted the staff.

It is not clear at this time what type of business it was but Google Maps show there is a candy store in the area, although it is unlikely they would be open at that time.

Police say Chandler's speech was slurred, her eyes were bloodshot and watery and that she smelled like alcohol. During the DUI investigation, Chandler admitted to being the driver of the crashed vehicle, WSMV reports.

And to make matters worse, Chandler failed to perform the standard field sobriety tests; she couldn't perform the walk-and-turn or standing on one-leg tests. Police then requested a warrant to have Chandler's blood tested.

Chandler was arrested for DUI.

Chandler was off-duty at the time of the crash. An investigation into this DUI is ongoing.

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Sounds like a comedy skit.


Wow a Drunk Dickeless Tracy peeing on the floor! Where is the Video?