Federal ATF Agent Punches Man, Pulls Gun on Crowd at Son’s High School

Andrew Meyer

Federal ATF Agent Punches Man, Pulls Gun on Crowd at Son’s High School Football Game

High school football games are generally a time for extra entertainment outside the game. Especially during halftime. Most people enjoy the band or buy a hot dog.

In Texas last week, an off-duty federal agent spent halftime punching a man in the face and pulling a gun on the people that tried to intervene.

Special Agent Marc Delpit of the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms faces an aggravated assault charge after punching a man and continuing to beat him up on the ground during the halftime of a game last Friday night at St. Thomas High School in Houston.

When people tried to stop the assault, Delpit pulled a gun on them.

He later said that he felt his life was threatened.

The old-hat excuse of law enforcement that he feared for his life is not working this time as Delpit is facing jail time for beating down the father of another player on his son’s football team. The ATF apparently wants to continue employing a man that assaults people at teenager’s football games, merely handing Delpit a paid vacation for his actions.

“The agent in question has been placed on administrative leave with pay, and has been relieved of his firearms, badge, and credentials,” an ATF Senior Special Agent Nicole Strong told KHOU. “ATF takes these allegations very seriously.”

Delpit told police he thought the other father was going to hit him first, so he needed to beat the other father into the ground.

Delpit’s attorney Brian Benken said his client has “an impeccable record over 22 years in law enforcement,” meaning he has never before been caught punching a man in the face at a high school football game.


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