Fired Ohio Cop Pleads Guilty to Child Pornography Charges


This cop was arrested for child pornography and then tried to get his case dismissed.

A cop in Napoleon, Ohio had obscene material involving minors engaging in sexually explicit conduct on his USB drive. The cop was subsequently arrested and fired.

Now the cop has plead guilty to child pornography but prior to the guilty plea the cop tried to get his case dismissed through a motion to suppress evidence.

Nicolas Evanoff, 33, of the Napoleon Police Department was arrested by U.S. Marshalls in December 2017 after a lengthy investigation. The indictment claims that between September and November of 2017 Evanoff possessed child pornography on his personal computer and USB drive, reports WTOL News.

Napoleon Police Chief, David Mack says:

"City of Napoleon police officer, Nicolas Evanoff, has been indicted following an investigation undertaken by federal law enforcement. At issue in this indictment are computer crimes of a serious nature, including the alleged possession of child pornography. The City of Napoleon has cooperated with the federal investigators in every aspect possible. The Napoleon Police Department has and will continue to cooperate fully with federal authorities, as needed."

Chief Mack terminated Evanoff immoderately after the December 2017 arrest.

The city was aware that Evanoff was under investigation since Nov. 9, 2017, but they were given no details.

Napoleon City Manager Joel Mazur said:

"This is not representative of our community, and it puts our officers in a very unfortunate situation. Nationally, it's a difficult time for law enforcement, then something like this comes up and it makes it even harder for them to do their jobs."

Evanoff originally pleaded not guilty. But just this week Evanoff filed a motion to suppress evidence and statements made in the case, which would of got his case dismissed. Judge Jack Zouhary wisely denied Evanoff's motion. Evanoff then changed his plea to guilty to the charge of possession of child pornography.

Evanoff is set to be sentenced Sept. 13, 2018. Evanoff worked for the Napoleon Police Department for seven years.

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