Florida Deputy Accused of Deleting Video to Protect Cop

Alexandra Gratereaux

Florida Deputy Accused of Deleting Video to Protect Cop Who Solicited Sex from Other Cop.

A sergeant for the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office is being investigated after deleting video footage and failing to arrest an off-duty officer who was caught soliciting a prostitute for sex during a major prostitute sting operation in Florida.


Sergeant Oscar Cardenas, who oversees the Lake Worth division, allowed the disgraced Boynton Beach cop to leave the scene of a prostitution sting operation without getting arrested after he was caught requesting oral sex from an undercover officer posing as a prostitute.

The incident took place mid-October and now the Florida cop Cardenas is in the middle of an intricate internal affairs investigation.

South Florida’s Online tabloid GossipExtra.com reports that nearly two dozen men were arrested than evening for soliciting sex on the Dixie Highway. All, except that off-duty cop who got off easy that night because he worked for the Boyton Beach Police Department.

“First, they (deputies who ran the sting) watched this guy talk about getting oral sex from the undercover and when they go to arrest him, the guy says he is with Boynton PD,” a source told the news site.

“The PBSO guys looked instantly pained and started looking at one another like they didn’t know what to do. They were sorta arguing about what to do.”

Since his team was undecided on how to handle the situation, Cardenas took matters into his own hands.

“So Oscar came in and apparently took it upon himself to erase the video of the officer soliciting and let him go home without being arrested.”

According to the source, “obviously, someone who saw the whole thing went to I.A. (Internal Affairs) about it.”

Records show that during the operation, a total of 23 men who resided in Palm Beach Gardens or Fort Lauderdale, were arrested that night and charged with prostitution violations. Most men spent a night in jail and were later released after paying a $250 bond.

Currently the disgraced Boyton Beach police Department cop is on administrative leave with pay (what else is new?)

Stephanie Slater, the spokeswoman for the Boyton Beach Police Department refused to give Gossip Extra any comment in regards to the incident and would not name the officer until the investigation concludes.

In October, a man who was a Boynton Beach cop when he was charged with raping a woman while on duty was acquitted of that charge.


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