Florida Deputy Known for "Live PD" Appearances Arrested and Fired for DUI Arrest

Nathan Dimoff

He laughed while refusing to take a field sobriety test and breathalyzer.

A well-known Florida sheriff's deputy who made appearances on the television show "Live PD" was fired and arrested after crashing into a parked car while drunk early Saturday morning.

Pasco County Sheriff's Corporal Steven Walker claimed that a dog or coyote had run in front of his car, causing him to crash into a parked car, damaging a mailbox as well.

He also laughed while telling his story, indicating that he was not taking the investigation seriously, according to WFLA.

And like all cops who get pulled over for driving under the influence, Walker refused to take a breathalyzer or perform field sobriety tests.

The incident took place at 2:45 a.m. in New Port Richey, which is in Pasco County on the Southwest coast of Florida.

Walker was asked by New Port Richey police investigators why would he swerve into the same direction the animal was running and Walker stated he thought the animal would, "act like a squirrel and run back and forth on the road."

​Walker also made swooshing noises and waived his arms around while laughing in describing how he swerved into a parked car.

Reports also show that Walker was showing signs of intoxication due to glossy eyes, slurred words and the smell of alcohol emitting from him and his car. Walker also lowered his voice and began to mumble his words in an attempt to mask the odor, police said.

When asked to perform a field sobriety test, Walker stated "no thank you."

Walker was charged with DUI and DUI property damage and was released on his own recognizance Saturday night. Walker was served termination papers on Monday.

Since the officers arrest has went public, Walker's attorney, Pierre Joseph, has been reaching out to outlets asking them to redact the story until everything is done.

According to RealNewsRealFast:

> "Attorney Pierre Joseph contacted RNRF immediately after we broke the news of Walker’s arrest, demanding that we remove the article regarding his client. “I am requesting that you immediately remove your story regarding Deputy Walker. The story contain multiple inaccuracies and is a pending case with Pasco county. This is a notice for initiating litigation and an attempt to settle the matter,” Joseph stated in an email to RNRF."

Walker is popular on Twitter where he had more than 6,000 followers but he has not tweeted since his arrest.

Less than two days before his arrest, Walker tweeted that he originally wanted to be a K9 deputy but it would not help advance his career.

Obviously, driving drunk also did not do much to advance his career.


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