Florida Police Officer Who Beat Girlfriend, Arrested Twice in 2 Weeks

Christopher England

Joshua Brown

This cop's ankle monitor got him arrested.

A Clearwater, FL police officer was arrested for domestic battery on Halloween, but less than two weeks later the officer was arrested again for alcohol consumption while on probation.

Clearwater Police Department (CPD) Officer Christopher England, 29, is now charged with violation of his pre-trial release.

England was arrested on November 9 when his ankle monitor sent authorities a positive reaction for alcohol consumption. England was on electronic monitor probation stemming from a domestic battery incident on Halloween night, Tampabay.com News reports.

England got into a physical altercation with his girlfriend and tried to prevent her from calling 911; ‚ÄčEngland was then arrested for domestic battery and tampering with a witness.

England was placed on probation and was court ordered to not drink any alcoholic beverages but England did anyway. On November 9 England's ankle monitor detected alcohol in his blood stream and sent a notification to his probation officer.

England was subsequently arrested.

England's attorney, Kevin Hayslett, said he believes there was an error with the ankle monitor.

England has been an officer with CPD for five years.

England was placed on administrative duty pending the outcome of an internal investigation.


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