Former Dallas Cop Amber Guyger Guilty of Murdering Botham Jean in his own Home

The Amber Guyger murder trial: Sentencing phase begins
The Amber Guyger murder trial: Sentencing phase begins

The jury has found Amber Guyger guilty of murder. The punishment phase of the trial is set to begin at 1 p.m. BACKGROUND: Former Dallas police officer Amber ...

Carlos Miller

It took the jury less than 24 hours to reach a verdict of guilty.

Amber Guyger, the Dallas police officer who shot and killed a man inside his own home after barging in on him last year, thinking it was her home, was found guilty of murder today.

Guyger, who was fired after the incident, testified that she not only believed her home was being burglarized, but that the burglar was going to kill her, making her fear for her life.

"I was scared he was going to kill me," she testified through tears Friday.

And that is normally all it takes for a cop to be acquitted of killing an innocent person.

But this jury did not buy it despite the judge allowing them to consider the castle doctrine which is the Texas' stand your ground law that allows people to kill somebody to protect their own home.

Dallas County District Judge Tammy Kemp reasoned that because Guyger believed she was in her own home, the jury should be allowed to consider the castle doctrine.

One must ask whether Jean would have been granted the same consideration had he shot and killed Guyger after she entered his apartment with her gun drawn in full uniform.

Guyger likely sealed her fate when she testified that she meant to kill Jean after hearing "shuffling" inside the apartment while she was still outside, oblivious to the red doormat that was a dead giveaway she was at the wrong home.

"Let me see your hands!" she yelled according to her testimony but he failed to comply with her orders.

She was accused of violating departmental policy for entering the apartment without waiting for backup.

Botham Jean, the 26-year-old accountant killed by Dallas police officer Amber Guyger.

She has not been sentenced yet but can receive anywhere from five years to 99 years in prison. She will be sentenced later today.

Jean had been relaxing in his apartment watching football on television and eating a bowl of vanilla ice cream when she entered the apartment. She claimed he walked towards her, making her fear for her life.

But she also claimed she still couldn't tell she was in the wrong apartment.

Minutes prior to the shooting, she was exchanging racy texts with another cop, Martin Rivera, who was her former lover, which prosecutors said caused her to be distracted when entering the apartment.

She also engaged in a 16-minute telephone conversation with Rivera prior to the shooting and texted him after the shooting saying she needed him because she had "fucked up."

Both Rivera and Guyger deleted the text conversations from their phones which were later recovered. No word yet on whether Rivera will be disciplined for destroying evidence.

The jury was also allowed to convict her for manslaughter but chose the tougher charge of murder.

We will be updating this throughout the day.

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She’s lucky she gotten only 10 years


"I walked into the wrong box. I thought that Abraham Lincoln was an intruder, so I killed him." - John Wilkes Booth


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SEPT. 30, 2019 What is Texas' Castle Doctrine and what does it mean in the Amber Guyger case? The Castle Doctrine justifies deadly force when a person intrudes on your property. Guyger's case is murky since she thought she was in her apartment but was actually in the apartment of unarmed Botham Jean.


Congratulations to this jury! Thank you for seeing cops as they really are. Entitled babies who can do whatever they please because... they have a BADGE!

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