Former Ohio D.A.R.E. Officer Arrested on Federal Child Pornography Charges

Kevin A. Kovacs

Keith Palmer

This cop worked with kids all the time, now he has been arrested in a federal child pornography investigation

Former longtime Beavercreek Police Department Officer Kevin A. Kovacs has been arrested on charges of producing, distributing, receiving, transporting, and possessing child pornography. Kovacs was arrested Thursday morning April 16 in Beavercreek, Ohio. Kovac is also charged with tampering with a witness or informant.

Kovacs was a patrol officer, crime prevention specialist, and a D.A.R.E. officer with the Beavercreek City School District.

The alleged criminal activity occurred between March of 2015 and December of 2019, The United States Department of Justice says.

Beavercreek City Schools released a statement regarding the incident, saying:

Beavercreek City Schools administration was alarmed after learning of the allegations against Ofc. Kovacs. Ofc. Kovacs worked as a D.A.R.E. officer in the district since 2012 and left this role at the conclusion of the 2017-2018 school year upon his retirement from the PD.  
School staff and parents have been notified about this alleged incident and are encouraged to reach out to local law enforcement if they have specific concerns or information related to this case.

Kovacs was hired by the Beavercreek Police Department in September of 1992 and retired from the department in August 2018.

Beavercreek Police Chief Dennis Evers released this statement:

“The conduct he is alleged to have committed is both disgusting and extremely disappointing. As a former D.A.R.E. officer who received departmental and community awards for his work, he, of all people, knew this criminal activity to be exploitation of children and unlawful.”

Direct information on the details surrounding Kovacs' arrest is not available yet.

However, Kovac is specifically facing:

  • Three counts of production of child pornography
  • One count of distribution of child pornography
  • One count of receipt of child pornography
  • Three counts of transportation of child pornography
  • One count of possession of child pornography and
  • Tampering with a witness or informant.
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Please do not talk about officer Kovac like that. He was a great guy. He taught my dare class and he did an awesome job.


That is one of the great things! I am sure that you will also find many such useful things on this site.


we have to wonder what other crimes the blue lies mafia is hiding when they throw some POS under the bus......... look see it's just ONE bad apple. never-mind the rotten cesspool from where this POS came!

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