Georgia Cop who Fatally Shot Unarmed Woman Tasered, Arrested in SWAT Standoff

Ben Keller

A Georgia cop who shot an unarmed woman in her car after a low-speed chase has been arrested after a SWAT standoff.

Glynn County Police Lt. Robert C. Sasser, who opened fire on Caroline Small in 2010, an unarmed mother of two, was arrested May 17 during a SWAT standoff in in the woods that didn't end with any gunshots, but it began with them.

Sasser didn't kill himself.

But local and state police did find a suicide note.

Eight years ago, Sasser, and his partner Michael T. Simpson bragged about their marksmanship and how their bullet's struck Small in the face.

Caroline Small

Dash cam video, which can be seen above, captured their callous comments as Small lay hunched over the steering wheel.

The GBI supervisor in charge of the investigation said it was the worst police shooting he'd ever been involved with, according to AJC.

Still, the shooting was found to be justified by the courts.

Sasser seemed to move on untouched.

He was promoted to lieutenant in 2016 and named a shift command supervisor.

Then, on May 13 last month, his 20-year career in law enforcement came unwound after he forced his way into his estranged wife's home, threatening her.

He was arrested for battery and trespassing, but later released from jail where he faced an internal affairs investigation with his department.

Four days later, deputies attempted to make contact with Sasser in the woods when they heard a gunshot.

Rumors began among Glynn County law enforcement and others that Sasser had killed himself.

"The rumor mill went rampant," Alan David Tucker, Sasser's attorney, said.

State and local law enforcement descended on a wooded, swampy area off State Highway 99 responding to calls about a "barricaded" gunman.

Officials found Sasser was alive, but armed inside of his truck.

Lieutenant Gregory Shackleford negotiated for hours attempting to lure Sasser out of his truck, but negotiations went nowhere.

Police vehicles, including an armored SWAT vehicle, pressed against Sasser's tailgate.

After midnight, Sasser, surrendered, opening the door to his truck and requesting to speak to a judge while sitting on the edge of his vehicle, according to his arrest affidavit.

Sasser appeared to be crying and shaking his head as police officers and snipers closed in, surrounding him.

Inside of his vehicle, officers found Sasser's handgun resting on the dash of the truck along with a suicide note on the front passenger seat.

Sassner, who's career in law enforcement is likely over, faces felonies from the standoff with police in addition to the domestic abuse charges with his wife.

The Glynn County Police Department has moved to fire Sasser.

Video of Smalls' shooting is can be seen above .

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Bill Vapes
Bill Vapes

Damn, she's killing and torturing these pigs from the grave! Good Job, Ms. Small


Video shows a murder. Sasser being allowed to continue as a cop after that and not go to prison is a testament to how fucked our legal system is.

Cops In Cuffs