Houston Deputy Arrested for Recording Himself Raping Small Dog

Ben Keller

A Houston deputy screwed the pooch.


Harris County Sheriff deputy Andrew C. Sustaita Jr., a six year veteran, was identified as the suspect during an investigation by the Harris County Sheriff’s High Tech Crime Unit regarding obscene material being produced from an account in Harris County, according to ABC13.

Namely, posting videos of himself having sex with a small dog.

The Harris County Sheriff’s Office was reluctant to comment on the matter, but the District Attorney’s Office later revealed the nature of the deputy’s arrest to the Houston Chronicle.

“The allegation involves production of obscene material that includes sexual contact with a dog,” a spokesman for the Harris County District Attorney’s Office, Dane Schiller said.

After the investigation led to his arrest, Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez fired the deputy and promised to hold Sustaita accountable for his obscene acts.

“The possession of obscene and illicit material is made even more troubling when a Sheriff’s Office employee is found to be involved,” Gonzalez stated.

“Every resource of this office will be dedicated to protecting the public and holding our employees accountable for wrongdoing.”

Sustaita Jr. comes from a law enforcement family.

His father stated he was devastated to hear about the allegation, but is waiting for more information to come out. He added his son, who worked for the Crime Control Division at the Harris County Sheriff’s Office, is a hard worker.

Harris County Deputies stated Sustaita was charged with obscenity, a state jail felony, for posting a video recording of himself engaged in the obscene act.

A source who knows Sustaita stated he knew the deputy as an honorable and committed family man, according to ABC13.

Investigators said additional charges could be filed at a later date.

Sustaita was released on bond this morning and is expected to appear in court later today.

Update: deputy Sustaita was also found in possession of child porn, including a video of a child known by Sustaita, which he posted online.

Deputy Sustaita pleaded guilty in March and faces sentencing on June 6, 2018.

According to the DOJ, Sustaita faces a mandatory minimum sentence of 15 years and up to 30 years in federal prison, as well as another 10-year-maximum sentence for also possessing child pornography.


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