i am contacting to you to ask as well as advise you to take and share my story

On 8/27/2014 at around 10pm right outside of Jennings police dept, Officer Derek Machens Badge#3955 threatned and intimidated me while I was under arrest saying to me while holding an object in his hands "BITCH I WILL PUT THESE PILLS ON YOU" since this occurred I was wrongfully convicted on 5/15/18 after a 3-day jury trial finished in only 2 days

As of 7/26/2019 a civil Lawsuit was filed demanding relief of slander of the name defamation of character pain and suffering etc On 7/26/2019 an order of protection was also filed Judge Greene denied protection order on 9/8/2019 afte a hearing took place. I am in need of exposing this story in order to make the public aware as well as for a probono attorney to help me get what I deserved afer being an innocent victims of 5years as of 8/27/2019


314-5322580 5462 Misty Crossing Court

Florissant Mo


Cops In Cuffs