Intoxicated Ohio Cop Kicks in Wrong Door Gets Tackled by Homeowner & Arrested

Torrence Laprath

Joshua Brown

A drunk cop kicked in a door to a home , but it was the wrong house.

An off-duty Dayton, Ohio police officer was booked into the Montgomery County Jail on suspicion of burglary after kicking in a door to enter a home he mistakenly and drunkenly thought was his.

Officer Torrence Laprath, 33, of the Dayton Police Department was arrested early Sunday morning after breaking in a home and fighting with the homeowner.

Laprath was drunk when he kicked in the door of a home he thought was his on Strathaven Drive at 3 a.m. Dayton Daily News reports. Once in the home Laprath tried to tackle the homeowner, but the homeowner got away and sat on top of Laprath until police arrived.

Police then arrested Laprath for suspicion of burglary.

The Dayton Police Department released a statement on the incident involving Laprath.

> “We are aware of the incident. Besides the criminal investigation, there will be an administrative investigation conducted by the professional standards bureau.”

The department declined to release any further details at this time.

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lol how did that dude become a cop. He is a known valley street criminal.


The simple solution this is to prohibit cops from all alcohol and recreational drug usage as long as they’re employed as law enforcment officers. Since they have arrest powers and weapon privileges 24x7, they should have no right to imbibe 24x7

Cops In Cuffs