Iowa cop Charged with Domestic Assault after Cutting Deputy Girlfriend's Neck

Ben Keller

An Iowa cop was charged with domestic assault after cutting and harassing her girlfriend, deputy Karissa Smith.

Oskaloosa police officer Janay Pritchett was arrested May 4 and charged by the Mahaska County Sheriff's Office with 1st degree harassment and domestic abuse assault while displaying a dangerous weapon.

Karissa Smith, who has worked at the Mahaska County Sheriff's Office since March 1, 2016 according to her Facebook page, says Pritchett, 25, kicked her in the chest, cut her on the side of the neck with a pocket knife.

​She later threatened to shoot her, an arrest affidavit for Pritchett says, according to WHOTV.

Court documents say the argument took place after comment's made by Prichett's mother at around 11:40 p.m. Thursday.

After kicking her in the chest, Smith alleges Pritchet pulled a small pocket knife and pressed to the left side of her neck, cutting her.

​Smith says Pritchett then said she "didn't do that" and put the knife away before telling her she was going to killer her.

Pritchett then ran to her closet, where she keeps a shotgun.

Smith says she had to physically stop smith from getting to the gun.

​Pritchett was not on duty at the time she was taken into custody Friday and was placed on paid leave after bonding out of Mahaska County Jail.

​She is scheduled for her first court appearance on May 9.

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This story is legit. This is my home town. Look it up on oskynews and whotv13.


...when they come for you.


The amount of typos in this story makes me doubt its authenticity


Bad Girls, Bad Girls, Whatcha Gonna Do...

Cops In Cuffs