Kentucky Cop Arrested for Stealing $30,000, Drugs and Guns

Joshua Brown

It is not often that police officers break into their own department and steal money.

Drugs, and guns – but that is exactly what happened to the Simpsonville Police Department in Kentucky.

In an epic inside job, Simpsonville police officer Terry Putnam was arrested on January 7, accused of breaking into the police evidence room and stealing $30,000 in cash, drugs and two guns.

The break-in occurred on November 6, 2015 around 1 a.m. Putnam first broke into the police department building, then made his way to the evidence room only to break into that too.

Once inside, Putnam saw a treasure trove of money, drugs, and guns. It was then that he took it upon himself to take whatever he could grab.

Police learned of the break-in a few hours after it occurred. hence prompting the Simpsonville Police to launch a complete evidence audit. The Kentucky State Police also investigated the burglary.

The Kentucky State Police was the arresting agency. As of now, Putnam is the lone suspect in the crime.

“During the investigation he became a suspect. He’s worked for that department for about two and a half years,” said Kentucky State Police.

However, he has been a cop for more than two decades, according to WDRB.

Investigators have not given specifics as to how they zeroed in on Putnam as their suspect but they did say they gave all the officers polygraph tests but did not say whether Putnam failed or passed.

Still in uniform and smiling for the cameras, Putnam maintained his innocence as he was being led away in handcuffs, saying, “I’m innocent check the surveillance, I was on my way home.”

The Kentucky cop claims that video surveillance from a nearby gas station will prove his innocence but gas station employees told the media they no longer have video from that night.

Putnam is being charged with first degree burglary, theft by unlawful taking over $10,000, theft by unlawful taking of a firearm, first degree criminal mischief, theft by unlawful taking of a controlled substance, official misconduct and tampering with physical evidence.

The Simpsonville Police Department sits inside of an antiquated brick building that does not appear to be very secure against break-ins.


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