Kentucky Cop Wrecks Police Cruiser While High on Hydrocodone, Charged with DUI

Keith Palmer

A Lexington Police Department officer was arrested for driving under the influence in Cynthiana, Kentucky.

Officer Jeffery Burden, 30, was arrested on May 7 after he wrecked in his Lexington police cruiser in an off-duty capacity.

According to an arrest citation, Cynthiana police received a report of a reckless driver in a Lexington police cruiser, who was unable to stay in lanes and almost hit several signs.

A Cynthiana officer saw Burden enter a Speedway gas station and hit a red pole protecting the gas pumps. When Burden tried to exit his vehicle, he had difficulty standing up, and had trouble understanding questions, WUKY News reports.

Burden told Cynthiana police he had left work and went to his girlfriend's place early Tuesday morning. Burden's girlfriend told Cynthiana police he was on several medications. Burden admitted that he had taken Hydrocodone.

While at the hospital for a blood test, Burden reportedly asked how long it takes for Xanax to wear off. Results of that blood test are still pending. Burden was arrested and charged with DUI.

Since his arrest Burden was relieved of his sworn duties and transferred to an administrative assignment, which is part of department policy.

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Rail Car Fan
Rail Car Fan

Wife's a nurse. Showed her this article. She said (under normal circumstances) it would take more then 1 (or even 2) Hydrocodone pills to put him in the condition he was in.

Rail Car Fan

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