LA Cop Punch, Kick And Drag Compliant Suspect, Landing him in Jail


WATCH: Louisiana Cop Punch, Kick And Drag Compliant Suspect, Landing him in Jail.

A Louisiana cop was caught on a store surveillance camera in April kicking, punching and dragging a handcuffed suspect who appeared to offer no resistance.

Gretna Police Chief Arthur Lawson fired Robert Wallow Thursday just before charging him with simple battery and malfeasance in office on Friday. Wallow was booked into the Jefferson Parish Jail.

The officer was responding to a burglary call at a local gas station when Carlos Gustavo Pineda, 21, exited the station wearing a black ski mask. Wallow took Pineda into custody but not before trowing him on the ground and delivering three hard blows to his head and neck.

After Pineda was placed in handcuffs, Wallow is seen kicking him several times while another officer looks on and does nothing.

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Wallow was placed on administrative leave on Aug. 26. The department terminated him Thursday. 
“We certainly have acted swiftly upon discovering this information,” Lawson said. 
At least one other officer has been placed on administrative leave, Lawson said, though he did not name the officer.
Lawson is also investigating why it took so long for police administration to learn of the excessive force allegation in light of an internal investigation opened by Wallow’s supervisors in the Field Operations Bureau on April 25.  
“It all had been documented, it just did not move as quickly as it should have,” Lawson said.

And because the investigation didn’t move as quickly as it should have the chief has opened an internal investigation into how the original investigation was handled.

Pineda pleaded guilty to five counts of simple burglary and was sentenced to probation.

Wallow faces five-and-a-half years in jail and fines of up to $6,000.


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