Las Vegas Cop Accused of Selling/Transporting Controlled Substance

Lawrence Rinetti

Keith Palmer

A Las Vegas police officer found himself on the wrong side of the law

Las Vegas Metro Police detective Lawrence Rinetti Jr., 46, was arrested on October 19 on charges of selling or transporting a controlled substance, destroying and concealing evidence and misconduct of a public officer.

Rinetti has been relieved of duty with pay. He has been with the Las Vegas Metro Police Department since Jan. 2006, News 3 Las Vegas reports.

Nevada law defines misconduct of a public officer as one who:

“Asks or receives, directly or indirectly, any compensation, gratuity or reward, or promise thereof, for omitting or deferring the performance of any official duty or for any official service which has not been actually rendered, except in case of charges for prospective costs or fees demandable in advance in a case allowed by law; or who employs or uses any person, money or property under the public officer’s official control or direction, or in the public officer’s official custody, for the private benefit or gain of the public officer or another.”

Rinetti is also a fight inspector for the Nevada State Athletic Commission. Rinetti’s bail was set at $10,000.

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This storys a far stretch from the truth completely twisted by a bunch of felons looking for leniency for crimes that they are currently awaiting a prison sentence over and ITS NOT TRUE.


obviously his over paid cop job wasn't enough for this blue line mobster!


Friendly fire casualty of the ridiculous Drug War.

Cops In Cuffs