Las Vegas Cop Arrested for Raping Wife's Best Friend Sleeping Inside his House

Ben Keller

A Las Vegas cop was charged on Wednesday for sexually assaulting his wife's best friend while she was sleeping.

"All of a sudden I woke up and he was on top of me," Vivian Solomon, of San Diego, said referring to Las Vegas Metropolitan police officer Manuel A. Gutierrez.

"I asked him to stop, screamed for him to get out. I was so disoriented, so confused, so scared."

Solomon – who is speaking publicly about the incident – was visiting her long-time friend last week and meeting her husband, Gutierrez, and their six-month-old baby for the first time when she went to bed in the couple's home after a night of drinking.

After waking up while being violated, Solomon then took an Uber to Southern Hills Hospital where she met police.

She was then escorted by police to University Medical Center to undergo a rape examination.

"I couldn't imagine that that would ever have happened," Solomon told News3LV during an interview.

Vivian Solomon

"I thought I was in my best friend's home in a safe place: the home of a police officer."

During the interview, Solomon said her best friend apologized for her husband's conduct, saying she "has no words" for his actions.

"His wife ended up coming in. And she said how sorry she was this happened," Solomon said, adding she was traumatized by the violation and finds it difficult to shake the pain and anguish.

"I am fully traumatized and I consider myself a strong woman."

"I am crumbled."

Gutierez, who has worked for the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department since 2014, was charged with one count of sexual assault.

He is set to appear in court for a preliminary hearing August 30.

His bail was set at $25,000. He was suspended without pay after his arrest.

Solomon has since returned to San Diego.

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Rail Car Fan
Rail Car Fan

I often wonder if a husband or boyfriend have ever considered some type of "corrective action... (wink, wink)" in situations like this. From my point of view looking at this, I wouldn't blame them if they did. Rail Car Fan


Suspended without pay! Lvmpd must think this is a very serious crime, except the Department lets too many other things slide from Excessive Force Officers. Lvmpd has gained a spectacular reputation of being comprised of some of the worst officers in the country. What goes on in Vegas does not stay in Vegas because of your DoucheBag Officers, Priceless!

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