Los Angeles Deputy Convicted of Sexual Assaulting Six Female Inmates

Giancarlo Scotti

Keith Palmer

A Los Angeles deputy forced female inmates into oral sex and sexual intercourse, now he will go to prison

Former Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Deputy Giancarlo Scotti, 33, pleaded no contest on September 5 for sexually assaulting six female inmates two years ago.

Scotti entered an open plea to six felony counts of sexual activity with a detainee in a detention facility and two misdemeanor counts of sexual activity with a detainee in a detention facility. An open plea means a sentence was not negotiated with the District Attorney’s Office.

According to KUSI News, in August and September 2017, Scotti engaged in unlawful sex acts with female inmates, ranging in age from 24 to 42 years old, at the Century Regional Detention Facility in Lynwood, California.

In one instance, Scotti ordered two female cellmates to perform oral sex on him. Scotti later took the women to a shower area where he had unlawful sexual intercourse with both of them.

In another incident, the defendant had a female inmate perform oral sex on him while she was in her cell.

Scotti is expected to be sentenced to two years in state prison on Sept. 26 in Department 118 of the Foltz Criminal Justice Center. He faces up to seven years and four months in prison if he fails to appear for sentencing.

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Two years!!! What the hell!

Poor dirt farmer
Poor dirt farmer

Thanks I missed this one somehow,


Hopefully he's getting sexually abused, these type of criminals are the worst the kind that wear mask who smile in your face, they hide who they really are because of bitchassnass fake, they are the kind to be fearful from because the not knowing what to expect. They hide who they are because they are weak these women will have to live with what happened to them for the rest of there lives and the fear they must've had to speak up because they are considered "criminals", we get treated like animals in a cage in these detention centers, ignored like we're nothing what we say don't matter until something like this happens. It's very sad, it seems to me reading all of these stories that police officers should have to go through more intensive psychological test, along with family history before they are giving a badge to sick bastards like this to do whatever the FFFFF they want to the people they are supposed to protect.

Cops In Cuffs