Maryland Cop Charged with Trying to Set Up Sexual Encounter with 8-Year-Old Girl

Zachary Steven Koshlap

Keith Palmer

An FBI investigation uncovered a police officer in the act of allegedly trying to arrange sex with a 8-year-old girl

Former Anne Arundel County Officer Zachary Steven Koshlap, 33, is accused of trying to arrange a sexual encounter with an 8-year-old girl. Koshlap was charged with multiple sex crimes. Koshlap was arrested on April 3 in Glen Burnie, Maryland on 10 counts of possession of child pornography and one count of sexual solicitation of a minor.

In February, an undercover FBI agent posing on a pornographic website as a father with an 8-year-old daughter received a message from an unknown user trying to arrange a meeting with the child at a Washington, D.C., hotel, court documents say.

According to CBS Baltimore federal authorities linked the messages to Koshlap and handed the case to Anne Arundel County police, Chief Timothy Altomare said. Detectives executed a search warrant at Koshlap’s home in March; detectives seized digital devices that turned up “apparent child pornography,” and Koshlap later admitted to investigators that he solicited sex from a young girl, police said.

Following his arrest Koshlap was suspended without pay. He was taken into custody and ordered held without bond.

Chief Altomare said the following:

The department works to hold predators in uniform accountable. I am heartsick, physically ill, disgusted and enraged at the actions alleged in this case. If someone wearing a badge betrays our oath of protection, we will do everything within our power to bring them to justice and make sure they never wear our uniform again.

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There are a lot of abusive cops out there. This is really alarming not just in U.S but all around the globe. They will really get what they deserve. Psychological tests and such may help but not entirely and absolutely but it screens out some threats. Justice is never blind!

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He should not be a policeman, damaging the reputation and trust of the people in the police.


we will do everything within our power to bring them to justice and make sure they never wear our uniform again.

lest hope this is a new trend!

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