Miami Cop Maldonado-Dick Sentenced In Drug Protection Racket (PODCAST)


A City of Miami cop was sentenced for running a protection racket to help the waterfront city’s cocaine couriers.

Maldonado-Dick was pretty lucky to get the plea deal he got, especially since there’s ample video evidence available to secure a conviction, including undeniable evidence that the cop used his service weapon in commission of the crime as you can see below.

Jose Maldonado-Dick had no idea the buyer was an informant and he was being watched by police too.

Now, the 7-year veteran ex-Miami cop will be spending the next three years in state prison, followed by a three year probation.

He’s been held without bond since October 30th, 2014.

Maldonado-Dick was busted earlier that year after protecting two transactions, one for three kilos and another for 7 kilos which went down at a local McDonalds near the city’s hot Wynwood neighborhood.

We interviewed Miami Police union boss Lt. Javier Ortiz about bad cops in his department last year and Maldonado-Dick was one of those whose name came up.

Ortiz is best known for running his chapter of the Fraternal Order of Police, and stealing national headlines with his ‘War on Beyonce’ while the Miami Police department was placed under a strict Federal monitoring agreement for the next four years.

Click here to go straight to what Ortiz had to say about Miami’s worst officers and many other issues impacting the high profile department:

“Geo Nunez, was trafficking cocaine, in as far as he was guarding people who were doing that. There was another cop by the name of Maldonado-Dick. Well that guy, he was also doing the same thing. He took a thousand dollar bribe in order to protect drug dealers. So, we didn’t give any of those people legal defense.”

Actually, it was $1900.

“You won’t hear me say a peep about them,” said Lt. Ortiz, “except that they’re bad cops and had no business being here.”

The image which covers the podcast (below and above) depicts then-Sgt. Ortiz policing the Ultra Music Festival in 2011, which is coincidentally going on this weekend in downtown Miami. Ortiz and three other Miami officers beat up one fitness trainer visiting from New York, which resulted in a $400,000 legal settlement by the city.

A Miami Herald story later noted the now-Lieutenant Ortiz’s “varying” statements between the written report and deposition.

Now, the Miami-Dade’s state attorney’s office allowed Maldonado-Dick to reduce two felony charges of armed cocaine trafficking – which could carry a life sentence – into charges of attempted cocaine trafficking, which is just a second-degree felony.

The 37-year old Maldonado-Dick was one of the rare law enforcement officers denied bail, before sentencing but now he’ll get time served since then credited towards his sentence.

The ex-cop Miami prosecutors called “too dangerous” to live in his own community on bail, will be out of jail in a mere 15 months.

Maybe sooner if he behaves.


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