Minneapolis Cop Charged for Kicking Man in Face and Lying About It

Joshua Brown

These days it is not uncommon for cops to get arrested for assault.

But Officer Christopher Reiter, 36, of the Minneapolis Police Department took things way too far when he kicked Mohamed Osman while he was already down on the ground.

Osman suffered severe brain injuries, brain bleeding and ended up with fractures in his face, including sinus fractures in his nose.

Because of the injuries, Osman is unable to work.

The on-duty assault occurred in Spring 2016, but Reiter was not arrested until March 15, 2017 after he and fellow officers lied about what had taken place that night – only for a surveillance video to expose their lies.

According to the Minneapolis Star-Tribune:

In reports they filed after the incident, Domek wrote that as he approached Osman, he ordered him to get on the ground. Domek then wrote that he moved toward Osman “in an effort to push him to the ground to get him in handcuff position. While doing so, I felt resistance from the male, causing me to believe that he was going to attempt to fight as he had just been involved in a violent assault.”

In his report, Reiter said when the other officers ordered Osman out of the vehicle, “I could see [Osman] pushing off the ground.

“I made a split second decision and kicked [Osman] in the face one time with the top flat part of my boot.”

Reiter is charged with third-degree assault, but prosecutors plan to raise the charge to first-degree assault. The Minneapolis Police Department fired Reiter in Janurary 2017.

It all started in May 2016 when officers responded to a domestic violence call involving Osman and his girlfriend. The two were having dinner and an argument ensued about Osman’s wife.

Osman then hit his girlfriend several times and she called police. When police arrived to the couple’s apartment, they were told that Osman was sitting in his vehicle outside.

Officers approached Osman demanding that he get on his hands and knees and he complied.

It was then that Reiter dressed in an all black uniform came over to Osman and kicked him in the face while Osman was already on his hands and knees showing no resistance whatsoever.

But unbeknownst to Reiter, a nearby security camera was recording his every move.

Osman was taken to the hospital and staff determined he was suffering from a displaced nasal bone, nasal septal fractures and a mild traumatic brain injury. He was eventually arrested for the assault on his girlfriend.

When the other officers were questioned about what happened, they even stated that Reiter kicked Osman for no reason.

And it was nothing new for Reiter who kicked another man in the face while he was down in 2014. That case is now the subject of a police brutality lawsuit.

Additionally, in February of 2017 a $25,000 lawsuit was settled that involved Reiter and another officer violently arresting a man in 2015.

Overall, Reiter has been involved in eight excessive force complaints, two remain open.

However, Reiter portrayed himself to be a calm person in his job application with the police department saying:

“I am detailed oriented, do very well with hostile people, stay calm in tense situations.”

Minneapolis Police Chief Janee Harteau had this to say concerning the case:

“I have dealt with this matter internally, and we remain committed to creating a culture of accountability within the MPD. These actions are not consistent with our core values and we take that very seriously. Unfortunately, this incident takes away from the great strides we make daily to build public trust. It also takes attention away from the professional service our officers routinely provide while responding to more than 450,000 calls for service annually.”

Reiter is the second officer this year to be arrested for assault. In January, Officer Efrem Hamilton was arrested for felony second degree assault after he shot at a car full of people during a disturbance.



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